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Silk Traveller THERMO

The ultra-light hammock with thermo pocket
Silk Traveller Thermo is made from strong, breathable, skin-friendly Ripstop Nylon material. There is a practical pocket for a ground pad (ground pad not included) on the underside of this ultra-light hammock. This means that even on colder days, you can be warm as you sleep in your outdoor hammock.

Small pack size. Extremely strong. Supports up to 200 kg.
Max. dimensions of the ground pad: approx. 240 x 64 cm

100% extra stable, breathable and skin-friendly nylon ripstop

€ 51,90
2 tot 3 werkdagen
Doek lengte: 
275 cm
Doek breedte: 
140 cm
Totale lengte: 
295 cm
200 kg
Silk Traveller